Private House Selling Tips: Part 2

This is the second tip so if you haven’t already, start at the beginning with how to sell your house privately

Fix up your front yard!
The first thing anyone will see of your house is the front yard. Make sure their first impression is a positive one by mowing your grass, removing any visible weeds and trimming any wayward tree branches or hedges.

Once you have this sorted, move inside.

Remove and objects sitting on the floor, like toys, bags, cables, boxes, vacuums or dust pans. The only thing touching the ground should be chair and table legs.

Remove from sight any laundry, dirty or clean, and any towels or dishcloths from your kitchen. Polish all kitchen sinks, table tops and any shiny surface you can find; this is particularly pleasing to the eye.

And lastly, don’t use scented candles, sprays or plug in vaporisers; many people will either be sensitive to perfumes or will wonder what it is you are trying to cover up.