How to Sell Your Property

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You may be thinking that selling your own property will present many problems but it does not have to be that difficult. If you are willing to spend some time and put in a little effort then you will achieve good results. Every year there are many people exactly like you who have the satisfaction of selling their own home; you just need to know how to do it.

Here are the six steps you should follow to sell your own home:

Determine Your Price:

The first thing to do when selling your own home is to determine the price that you want. This also has to be a realistic price because the majority of home buyers will have a specific price range in mind when they begin looking for a new house.

In order to achieve a realistic price you should take a look at similar homes for sale in your local neighbourhood. It’s no use overpricing or you will not get anyone interested bit if you price too low then you may be missing out. If economic conditions happen to change, be sure to adjust your asking price accordingly.

Get Your Home Ready for Sale:

First impressions are so important so your property must be looking good when people come to inspect it. A home with strong street appeal will entice buyers while a rundown exterior may not encourage potential buyers. Don’t forget to tidy up the backyard too.

Take a look through all the rooms and remove any junk and personal items to enable buyers to visualise their own item in the space. Think about the best features of your home so that you can emphasise these when talking to buyers.

Showing Your Home:

As people see your house advertised they will begin making enquiries. When you receive a call always take their name and contact number and arrange a suitable time for them to visit. It is a good idea to have one potential buyer at a time so that they have plenty of time to walk around and ask questions. You will still be able to fit in several people in one day. Don’t be too pushy but let them know the unique features of your home, after all you know it best.

Negotiating The Sale:

If you have not sold your own property before, it’s a good idea to ensure you know the terminology that will be used such as deposits, conditions, settlement or example. While it is possible to conduct your own settlement it is usual to engage a settlement agent or solicitor to act on your behalf.

When you receive an offer it can be accepted, rejected or negotiated. You are in control of the negotiations and you alone know what your bottom line is. Do not be disheartened if the offers are not what you want. If you have priced your house correctly there will be someone who is looking for it and it will sell.

Reaching an Agreement:

When negotiations have been completed and the offer accepted it must be in written form to be a binding contract. Any conditions should be initialled by both parties. Once this is done it is considered to be official and both sides are committed.


A date for settlement will have been agreed in the contract and the settlement agent will undertake a number of tasks to facilitate this. Some of these tasks include titles searches, liaising with councils and government departments, preparing statements and collecting monies.
You will need to vacate the property by settlement and have the house ready for the new owners to move in. The buyers will have already done a final inspection to ensure everything is in good working order.

Now you can


You have done it, sold your own house and made more money by not having to pay agents commission. Good luck in your next venture.