When selling a house…what do you fix up?

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When selling a house…what do you fix up?

how much is ‘buyer beware’?

Do you replace broken light bulbs?

Dodgy electrical outlets?

Small finicky problems you never got around to fixing?

Or is it just part of the package for the buyer?

Broken electrical outlet Sydney

We think you should always replace blown light bulbs. It’s also just good presentation to replace dodgy electrical outlets, not only are they unsafe but they are unsightly and will make people question the integrity of other things in your property. WARNING: Please have a licensed electrician replace anything electrical in your house; doing it yourself is not only against the law but unsafe and can result in death from electrical shock.

As for small finicky problems you never got around to fixing? Depends what they are and how involved the job is or how long they have needed doing .

Whenever we sell any of our places we make sure to touch up any paint work in the main rooms and be sure the front and back gardens are as tidy as possible at all times.

Ensuring all lights and electrical outlets work, including replacing dodgy wiring or cracked outlets, will ensure your house will be sold quicker. Anything to reduce the number of home opens and inspections that will not cost you too much will pay you back with a quicker sale – We follow these tips to sell our house privately.

Another tip for those painting the exterior of their house is to give it a wash with a high pressure cleaner prior to breaking out any paint tins. You will be surprised at the amount of dust and dirt the exterior picks up over the years and having a clean prepared surface will ensure your paint will bond properly to the houses exterior – It will look much cleaner and fresher as a result.

You will be surprised at what a little fresh paint on your walls, gutters and eaves will have to your presentation at home open – every little bit helps for a faster sale.

garage_door_lubeIf you have a garage door make sure it is in working order. A little WD40 or bearing grease on the runners can make your garage door glide smooth and quite, just like new”. Having 2 remote is always a plus so if you can provide that you’ll be ahead.

Having a RCD switch on the electrics and smoke detectors are almost always law for all properties. Swap the batteries in the smoke detectors so they don’t beep if you are showing a house with the power disconnected.

All in all it is just good business to ensure everything in the house is in good working order. If the prospective buyers don’t check something their property inspector will.

I would suggest putting some serious effort into your front garden and tidy up the back yard. A lot of people will do a drive by and decide by the front of your house whether they will even come to a home open.


Our last house had a pretty crappy front yard, so we spent about $1,000 on turf (we did it ourselves) and a few new plants, and the improvement to the street appeal was huge. Anyway, the house sold in under 3 weeks in a very slow moving area.

Also check the reticulation is working and fix any leaky taps.

I would also make sure that your hot water system is working and has been serviced. We’ve had prospective buyers request us to service the hot water system if it we weren’t able to prove it had been done in the last 12 months.